852m³, Open Track Team 6

Our tote bag is printed with exclusive graphic design based on Hong Kong tea restaurant. It is in minimalistic style with vintage element added .Premium fabric is used so that it can accompany you for a longer time.

Our metallic pins are designed as food from tea restaurants. As enamel paint is used, they will look as mouth-watering as the actual food.

The graphic design of our first laptop sleeve depicts the neon advertising signs in Hong Kong. Material is used to absorb shock and protect electronic gadgets inside the laptop sleeve.

Our second laptop sleeve is made of artificial leather which gives a grand touch to our product. Lyrics of Galactic Repairmen by Dear Jane are debossed with golden foil on the product. We hope you can find consolation during this chaotic time when you carry our laptop sleeve with you.



我們亦有自家設計的兩款電腦袋,一款的設計靈感源於具有香港特色的霓虹燈招牌,而我們亦將潮語印在招牌上,在懷舊的格調中帶出創新,我們亦採用避震的材質保護閣下的電子設備。而另一款電腦袋則採用了仿皮,並將Dear Jane 《銀河修理員》的歌詞以燙金形式壓在皮革上,希望在現今人心惶惶的時勢為大家帶來一絲慰籍。